Happy Hound was created as a series of pages and resources to help with all things dog. This site contains articles on all manner of dog ownership from training, games, food and general observations.

We are by no means professional dog trainers, behaviourists or nutritionists. Far from from it. We are dog owners just like you, having owned dogs for that past 30 years or so. What we don’t have in formal qualifications we do have in personal experience and enthusiasm. That experience has taken us through the highs and lows of dog ownership, and what we hope for this site is that we can help take you on that journey to bring you and your dog out the other side. A happy, well balanced, calm dog is a Happy Hound.

About Us

We are Nathan and Louise, and we live in the West of England. Our dogs are Ruby Lou, a beautiful red Cocker Spaniel; Mabel, a black Cockapoo; and Benji, a blond/apricot Cockapoo.

Prior to that as a family we have owned a West Highland Terrier, a blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a Yorkshire Terrier. Growing up as a child, Louise’s family has always had dogs including Labradors, Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers.

Mabel and Benji are brother and sister from the same litter, and Ruby Lou is their mother. Keeping two puppies from a litter has certainly brought some challenges, and it is the experience from these challenges that you’ll find written about on this site.

Product and Service Recommendations

Throughout this site you will find articles that discuss products such as dog training aids, dog toys and foodstuffs; and services such as training organisations.

We will only write about a product or service that we have used personally, and as general rule will only be for things that have proved useful for us. We will not write about products or techniques that we don’t agree with or have not used and therefore have no experience of.

The information on this site can loosely be taken as a recommendation by virtue of the fact that we use or believe in it personally. However your circumstances will be different to ours. Your dog, your family, your lifestyle and what you hope to get from dog ownership will all be different to ours. On this basis we cannot provide any formal recommendation or guarantee of results.

Product Placement

Running a website does not come without it’s costs. We are not in this to make any money, though where possible we try to meet our costs. Some articles will contain either sponsored or affiliate links to sites selling the product or service that an article discusses. By following the link and purchasing we will receive a small commission. We believe in transparency and will clearly identify any such links.